Christians and Atheism: What do Christians really know about Atheism

The rise of Atheism and the loss of Christian believers is a new phenomena within the Christians’ belief system. What Christians believe is the problem has most often been attributed to the influence of “Satan,” a sign of the End Times, and the overall loss of America’s moral compass.

This blog, therefore, is focused on why Christians believe they are losing the power to control the national image and personality as being historically Christian and what they know about Atheism as being the cause of the loss of Christian hegemony and power in the United States. Conversely, Atheists are encouraged to respond to Christian dialogue in hopes that each side will come to understand the other sides’ issues and learn to respect each other. Other questions  and comments should be included, such as that posed by Christopher Hitchens, i.e. that “religion is dangerous” and poison to the human mind.

This year, it became known that 1200 churches were being foreclosed on each month in the United States. Christian attendance has been reduced by as much as 40 to 60 percent in some areas of the US. Much of Europe is now overwhelmingly Atheist or classify themselves as nonbelievers. However, Christianity has found a home, and a champion within the Republican party. Subsequently, the Republican party adopted and allowed Christian preachers and various Christian organizations to dominate its political agenda, and has been losing  a number of political races…meaning that the GOP no longer has as its platform, fiscal responsibility, individual freedom, and classical Thomas Jefferson “liberalism” but religious agendas such as demands for prayer and preaching in public schools, anti abortion, and even anti birth control amendments, and the Christian religion once again being the dominant cultural influence in the US and the US government.

In the past, Christianity was rather middle of the road, and somewhat passive with a few exceptions, especially in the South, of church organizations who saw it as the Great Commission to “win souls to Jesus” and do it loudly with no apology for being intrusive in public schools, the government, or people’s bedrooms. Christianity has always been anti gay, and has fought tooth and nail against “gay marriage,” and other such liberal ideas.

In reaction, and with the liberalization of knowledge and especially science that has gotten better at explaining natural phenomena, and removing superstition from various observations…less people have come to “believe” in religion as an explanation of all things. The bible its self has come under scrutiny, and the conclusion of many scholars who do not have a religious agenda to promote is that the bible is mostly composed of frauds and forgeries and appears to have been copied from previous religions. The Christian response to these claims is to state that belief in Jesus is a question of “faith”….faith meaning to accept some statement or claim as true without any proof and that god was unprovable.

Thus, there are thousands of questions and discussions of this important topic…

So let the discussion begin.